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mardi 28 janvier 2020

« An American in Paris » is back, on stage !!!

The famous American musical directed by Vincente Minneli in 1951 is back in France in the « Théâtre du Chatelet ». I saw it with my class and 4 of my teachers on December 12th .

Jerry Mulligan, an American soldier during the war, decides to stay in Paris as a painter. A wealthy woman, Milo Daveport, falls in love with his art and decides to help him to become famous then she finally falls in love with him. But at the same time Jerry meets Lise Dassin, a young ballerina rather reserved and very beautiful. He falls in love with her. Unfortunately she is promised to Henry Baurel, the son of the Baurel Family. Lise has another pretender, Adam Hochberg, an American pianist and composer. He will compose a ballet in which Lise will be the star.

The situation is more complicated that it seems to be because these three men are friends with each other and they love the same woman.

This musical promises to be full of plot twists !!!

My favourite character… Lise !

Lise Dassin is the main character of the musical. She is part of the lower middle class. She was separated from her parents during the war because her family is jewish. Her father was a butler in the Baurel Family that is why the Baurel Family is protecting Lise. She wants to become a ballerina like her mother. She is shy, reserved but she is beautiful and slim. She has three pretenders but she is in love with Jerry.


This musical is so AMAIZING !

The dances and the songs are sensational ! The costumes and the settings are beautiful ! This musical is very lively and I am sure that when you see it, you can’t forget it ! During the musical I felt absorbed and fascinated. I saw many musicals in my life but this one was the best I have ever seen. This inspired me for the musical we are going to create with the class.


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