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3ème musical au Théâtre du Châtelet !

mercredi 22 septembre 2021

« We discovered an extraordinary show ! »



“Châtelet Musical Club 1” took place on September, 18th in Châtelet Theater in Paris. We went there with our teachers to discover the world of musicals. This was linked to our project in which we will create our own musical.

The show was composed of a few extracts from some musicals such as “West Side Story”. The singers and the dancers wore some colorful costumes. They were students and professionals. Jasmine Roy, a famous Canadian singer, presented the show and also took part in it. She also explained the plots of the musicals to the audience.

The show wasn’t a real musical but it reminded us of a music hall.

At the beginning of the show we were surprised and impressed by the actors’ voices. The dancers were all very coordinated and convincing.

We liked this trip which enabled us to discover a new artistic field.

                                                                                        The pupils from 3e Musical