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vendredi 10 janvier 2020

My trip to London,

On the first day,

In the train, I was with all my friends and we were having so much fun that we even forgot we were going to London.

When we arrived we went to the hotel, we waited outside in the cold for one hour but it was still fun because I forgot I was outside. I forgot about it because I was talking with my friends.


In the after noon,

We first went to the shop M&M’s and we bought a lot of stuff.

Then we went to a museum called the British Museum.

In the evening we went to a restaurant, witch was really beautiful and the food was really delicious,

we ate cheese burger and chips.

On the second day,

I got up with Chloé and Tharuny to go and eat breakfast, we ate cereal and toast with jam and nutella then Amélia, Clara and Khaviya got up.

As soon as we ate our breakfast we went on a boat called city cruise. We saw the London Eye, the Big Ben and the London Bridge.


In the afternoon, we had a snack in Green Park then we went to Buckingham Palace, then we left to go to the National Gallery.

In the evening we started heading to the restaurant that was just in front of the theatre, when we finished we went to see the Lion King.


On the third day,

We got up, we ate breakfast then we went to our rooms and we did our suitcases.

Next we went outside to get our snacks. Then We left the hotel and walked for one hour to find the car. In the end we finally found it  and we went straight to the Harry Potter studios, we ate our snacks there then the car brought us to the train. We were sad but happy to see our parents again.

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