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La comédie musicale « 42nd Street » présentée en anglais par les élèves de 3e Musical

lundi 27 février 2023

« 42nd Street »: The fantastic musical of Broadway

The musical takes place in the thirties in the USA in New-York, during the Great Depression. The plot is about the creation of a musical « Pretty Lady ». Dorothy Brock has the leading role but she will break her ankle. Peggy Sawyer, who is a dancer in the musical, will replace Dorothy Brock but it will be her first experience as an actress. How will she manage the show?

Some incredible characters…

Peggy Sawyer is the main character of the movie. She lacks self confidence but she will be more confident with the role she got. Dorothy Brocks plays the leading role in « Pretty Lady ». We admire her determination, she remains confident even if she lost her role.  Julian Marsh is the director of « Pretty lady ». He is repected by everybody. We love him for his personality because he is kind, he has some human values and he is determined to end his musical despite of the crisis. 

Some amazing costumes and sceneries...

The costumes are amazing, they are varied for each scene. They are colored with glitters and beautiful shapes. The scenery is sophisticated, it changes many times. The props are also always well chosen. 

Many choreographies and songs…

The choreographies are perfectly executed by the talented actors. The songs are sungs by some beautiful voices and they are unforgettable. There is a wonderful orchestra which is situated under the stage. The musicians are incredible.

You must see 42nd Street !

It is an amazing show with an original plot. It is a creative show, a fantastic and moving musical. We strongly advise you to go and see it, you will not be bored, you will be transported. 

Ecrit par Imène, Tania, Eva



« 42nd Street », a musical about Allentown’s talent »

This musical takes place in Broadway in the thirties. The plot is about a woman named Peggy Sawyer that came to Broadway to be auditioned for a role in the musical « Pretty Lady ». Julian Marsh gave her a chance to get a role in his musical. He is serious, human, strict, and professional. 

Peggy Sawyer is an ambitious woman that never gives up, even if she is small and skinny. She is determined and dynamic. She is supported by Dorothy Brock, a very famous actress. She is confident, beautiful, vain but, above all, she is experienced. 

The costumes were very appropriate. There were many details that transported the audience into the musical.

The sets were very realistic. Finally, the choreographies and the songs were coordinated to the scenes and the dancers made us shiver.

It’s an extremely good musical. The plot is captivating, the songs and the choreographies are awesome. 

We all recommend this musical as it is one of the best ones in the world. 

Ecrit par Dayen, Yanni, Noé